the delightful Miss K

the delightful Miss K

Monday, March 8, 2010

Who needs the prodigy when you have afternoon tea...

To illustrate the reoccurring theme of this tour, I shall share the story that was both the highlight and low light of my day...
I had a 3 o' clock with a man from Edinburgh fringe to pick his brain and find out how one gets their show over there and after a beer and more than one laugh between us, he invited me to join him and his husband (the Scots are a little more liberal and open-minded than us silly silly Aussies when it comes to gay marriage it seems) to a secret music festival with the prodigy headlining. I had to decline as i was due for afternoon tea with another friends parents....
Don't get me wrong, afternoon tea was lovely and we shared a magnificent bottle of bubbly while I learned in detail how a water bed is made... but The Prodigy??!!! I didn't even know they were still together! Something has to shift on this tour that involves a stronger influence of the younger generation and less of the oldies..
Parent count: 3 mums, 1 dad and 1 step dad, 0 music festivals = tucked in to bed safe and sound before midnight!
Opening night tomorrow... reviewers, judges, tour producers... first ever show with Gumpy, the new Captain Funk... nervous? What's there to be nervous about???!!!

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