the delightful Miss K

the delightful Miss K

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bordertown of Bust!

As we drove off the highway, hungry, tired and hungover, it was hard to fathom that we were stopping off to do a cabaret show in no where land.
As we got further and further off Gumpy's dummy, whoops, I mean GPS and deeper into sheep country, it was becoming more difficult to fathom the cabaret thing by the second. When we drove over a massive brown snake (no injuries, it cleared between the wheels) we became downright frightened and I begged Gumpy to quickly put together a country and Western set or we were sure to be crucified...
But then relief came in the form of vineyards. As they built up, we convinced ourselves that with wine, comes highbrow intelligence and perhaps even full sets of teeth, and we were mostly right, except for Rosie, our sound chick, who we were not completely convinced was actually a chick.. but that's another story.
Anyway, we rocked up, were lead to the storage shed to change(thats me in the shed changing), met Rosie who was keen to tell us about her divorce to her ex husband (Gumpy wanted to ask what her name was) and scurry around us like a small dog trying to impress its owner. This was to be our first gig in the beer garden of a pub at 3 o clock in the afternoon, and I'm very surprised to report, we nailed it!
Of a population of 162, 56 came to the gig and they all seemed to love it. I felt queasy from no lunch, too much wine in Mylor and exhaustion kicking in, but faked it till I made it and found Gumpy's running around the 180 degree stage amusing enough to keep me going.
They cleaned me our of knickers and made a healthy dint in my stubby holder and singlet collection and sent us on our way back to Melbourne waving and calling out their gratitude to us for visiting their little town.
Home to Melbourne, arriving at the stroke of 11pm, weary, stinky, dirty, messy, dazed and slightly delirious. Tour over, a smiling success!
Thanks for following and see you when we hit Horsham in couple a weeks! Yay!

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