the delightful Miss K

the delightful Miss K

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Day #3: One step forward, two steps back...

Thats what today felt like... a comedy of errors quite frankly!
Painted the hills in K posters and hopefuly drummed up some more interest for the Mylor show (they could still do with selling 20 or so more tickets to take it to thier 90 head projection)then headed back into town where the souls of my feet cringed at the prospect of being dragged all over this small, but very big when on foot town. We failed to find the Adelaide festival hub where we thought we'd find droves of baby boomers just licking thier lips in anticipation of some high brow cabaret to attend. Instead we found a pathetic cafe that did NOT sell milk shakes or iced chockies to those of us too immature to ever appreciate the taste of caffeen. (sulk)
The enterance to Womad proved just as fruitless as I began to feel more and more like I was trying to sign reluctant passer-byers up to my new religious cult. I am just no good at this flyering business, I need to hire a cute teenager next year and be done with it. (Note to self, look into that, child labour's not so unpopular these days is it?.. what with the economic downturn and all, adults are more than happy to hire their kids out, or so I'm lead to believe...) We tried to attend but I stuffed up the times of the shows we'd thought we'd see and we headed for the hills with Mum behind the wheel, me gripping the door handle and Mylor quietly calling us back to its windy clutches. It seems at this stage, I do parents better than fringe... now thats a bit sad! sigh

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  1. love the signage Miss K... kind of like the hollywood sign on the go..