the delightful Miss K

the delightful Miss K

Friday, March 5, 2010

Day #1: Road tripping

Well with 2 guitars, 1 amp, 1 speaker, 3 over-stuffed bags of belongings, 1 banana lounge, 10 apples (to be madly eaten before the boarder... forgot about that technicality), 10 pairs of undies each and one very exited Mother in the passager seat, we set off at the crack of 11am on our great Badeladian Adventure.
A phone call from McLaren Vale (one of my show stops) to say ticket sales are low was somewhat sobering but I'll tackle that problem tomorrow, today is for driving, tomorrow the PR campaign begins, 4 days beforeopening night, Perfect!
3 stalls in Stawell (I thought it was fitting) and some skids in the growing rain puddles, but otherwise Zap, the corolla was loving the open road. I wondered by about midday when Mum was going to run out of stories about other people's kids and move onto my (non-existant) love life, but by about 3pm she did finally settle into the beautiful peace that is a road trip and a damn fine selection of CD's... well except for her Tracy Chapman CD that may have to tragically disappear at some stage... (note to self, make that happen!)
Arrarat failed to provide us with lunch and we left with nothing but the ringing of tray travelling yap yap yapping farm dogs in our ears and a toy frog I bought for a buck, it is now our tour mascot and I have named it 'up' as I know my 1.5 year old niece would have.
And so, hours later, we mananged to just avoide the bickering stage and made our way into Mylor in the gorgeous Adelaide Hills where we'll be staying with Brian and Leoni Barker, parents of my good mates. Parent count: 2 Mums and 1 Dad, this tour is going to R-O-C-K!!!

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