the delightful Miss K

the delightful Miss K

Monday, March 29, 2010

We heart Horsham

Our Biggest Fan!

Well as you can see, the fans went wild for Miss K and Captain Funk! Little Ella thought we rocked anyway....
No seriously, Horsham was... how can I put this diplomatically... an exciting challenge, a thrilling success, an exhausting experience, an eye-opener and a very steep learning curve. The town seems to weep a drought induced sadness that seeps from the empty shop doorways, the deserted streets and the half-full pubs of drunken gen y-ers, intent on drowning out their boredom and country town frustrations in cheep beer and multi-coloured shots.
The show went really well despite the mic not being on, the crowd more interested in their own comments than my dialogue and the distinct lack of comment from the women who booked us. My sexy merch chicks, Leanne and Uma managed to squeeze a good number of sales to the crowd and we filled our bellies with free champagne served without glasses in the kitchen after the show.
The Beautiful Town Hall

Captain Funk was well liked and I'm starting to get the feeling the next show is not so much Miss K but some kind of shared glory... oh how that's going to sting!
Anyway, we concluded very quickly that we had been accommodated in a detention centre disguised as a caravan park situated in the dust bowl 3 k's south of town and right on highway 1, at a point where the endless trucks begin the breaking process to bypass town, yay. I had a lot of time to think that night, because sleep I did not!
Me and mini Me

Day 2 was spent discussing every little move between the 4 of us and failing to see any of the art exhibitions that were supposed to be around. What arts festival???!!@
Gumpy and Uma rocked the Commercial Hotel on Saturday night despite the steady influx of county bogans and drunken wedding revellers trying to take over the stage. We ended up at the very funky house of the campest straight we've ever met drinking and laughing till the wee hours of the morning, with me avoiding indecent proposals from married men with open arrangements... Horsham eh! The drinking did something right though, when I hit the hey at 5am, I slept like a passed out baby! What trucks??!!!
Home via the long way and so tired I could have curled up in my own underpants for a kip. See ya next time Hor....sham!
Captain Funk

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