the delightful Miss K

the delightful Miss K

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Le Tour!

Ahhhhhh southern France. Home of the Route de fromage, Route de vino, bursting beaches, rolling hills, dramatic gorges and the biggest bridges in the world!

Loved this sign on the train to the boarder. No smoking fags or pipes, just in case the distinction needed to be made!
Le petit train jaune. 5 hours, 60 k's, Puffing Billy meets the Pyrenees: Bliss!

First stop: Collier. Paradise by the sea, French style! Check out the hoards, they just cant get enough of those rocks!
Beach-side frames to take tourist shots in... we'd never get sucked into anything so tacky! 

We were sitting at the edge of the rocky outcrop and I commented that we could be in Australia right now, somewhere on the Great Ocean Road... till Barks pointed out the shadow that made things a little bit different....
...Of this fella! Only in France eh... and probably Italy... and many other parts of Southern Europe
Moving on, lunch on the road. Just a small spattering of meat!
....and onto this little village. Cant remember its name but I do remember it was voted one of France's prettiest towns, there's a long list....
It also brought on a rare moment of rain... but we turned it into the best fashion statement we could; with bright umbrellas!
The longest bridge in the world. Such an engineering feet that they had a whole info centre dedicated to it at the other side. Hilarious!

...and to the Gorges Tutarn where we were to spend the following day kayaking down the river. One of my favourite days of my entire trip. Chrystal clear rapids, blue/green pools perfect for cooling down in, totalitarian German families chanting their kids through paddling and a new French word gained. It was necessary that I learnt how to say desolate, the French word for sorry. Lets just say I wasn't great at steering!
The next morning, Barks pondering how to fit his over-flowing luggage back into his backpack.
A never ending problem for back-packers everywhere!
Breakfast spread Cham bre dot style. Everything homemade, everything amazing. I pocketed most of the food for later, much to Bark's embarrassment. No one can eat all that's on offer in one sitting can they? I thought the French taught me that!?
To market to market to buy a fat cheese (Fromage) or on some cases, a freshly battered fish killed by the callous woman on the back of a truck! Brutal!
Our final night before heading to Bark's mates in Burgundy. We chose this town for the fact it had Mary looking over it from all angles. That has to be good luck doesnt it?! We found incredible spring water coming out of the ground at the top of the hill and we nick-named it 'Virgin's Tears'. They should be bottling that shit!
Our final mission; the Route de fromage or Route of Cheese which lead us to this tiny farm. We wondered what we were going to get, and once the farmer started leading us down into the cellar, if we were going to come out alive or turned into French sausage instead. But no, we came out unscathed and with a wheel of cheese in hand. it was the strongest, bitiest, most interestingly sought cheese I've even tried!
The cheese cellar!
Tiny town #475!
The welcome man seen at most towns upon entering. We found them both amusing and also kind of creepy.....
OK, next and last stop for this blog, Burgundy and gay Paris! TBC!

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