the delightful Miss K

the delightful Miss K

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Map of Tassie

The Map of Tassie!

Well it was in the middle of a miserable Melbourne winter that two classy* ladies decided to escape the bitter winds and sideways rain and spend a fabulous four days in Ye Olde Hobart Town... possibly not the best choice for a sun-change but certainly a great place to clock up spy photos of fluro clothing and meet charming 20-something year old boys with very creative pick up lines... that was for Sue, not me, she got all the testosterone-based attention this trip!
So after wandering the Armageddon-like streets after arriving on Thursday night and finding only a bar with chubby toothless drunken men, we started Friday with a bit of work (best get it over with before its liquid lunchtime!) First stop was a meeting at Theatre Royal to discuss the prospect of a tour of Miss K.
I was immediately in love.....

Theatre Royal: Oldest Working Theatre in Oz!

Chips in a cone and a setting worth kissing by... Sue declined my offer sadly..
Happy Sue in her puffer jacket... much to my disgust but Hobart's pleasure. Boy they love their puffers!!

We both bought new blue jackets!!! Let the cat walk show begin!

Mind you, we've got nothing on Hobart's fine fashion sense!!

Loving the Sidney Nolan piece at MONA, especially as it sets our new jackets off so well... 

One last bevvy at 'Joe's Garage' where we were delighted by the performance of a drunken fella that managed to pull a wedge on his mate so high it was able to wrap over his head and the two fell on the floor in a happy heap no doubt satisfied at their achievement..

So by the end, obviously we were pretty spent... but not as spent as this guy....

Next stop Europe. Stay Tuned!!

*a lie