the delightful Miss K

the delightful Miss K

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Was it love, or just Paris?

After spending the better half of two hours dragging our heavy back packs, newly acquired giant babushkas, bootleg vodka and stomach bugs derived from too much cabbage, potato and said bootleg vodka about the largest round about I've ever seen looking for the airport bus, we gave up, had our last broken Russian conversation with the cab driver and flew out of Cyrillic land and into the land of the baguette. This..... is Paris!!!
This was our favourite bar that reminded me of my favourite cafe back home: The Gal. We wasted the better part of a rainy afternoon here, gotta love holidays!
Sacre Cuer
Roller cop! There's definitely an 80's film in this... or perhaps just a damn fine film clip. People tubes: Pompadour
K's store... I must have been here before....?
K in Paris Sea of tourists at Montmart
Montmart picnic
Montmart liquid lunch: Jan style.
Eiffel K
French pigeons....
Our fancy pantsy Parisian dinner. Bonn Appetite
Drinking the rain away.... Jan in Paris
Barks in Paris, looking the part I might add.
Kissing K

Rainy day in Paris #1
Rainy day in Paris #2
A K between 2 K's
Rainy day in Paris #3 Rainy day in Paris #4
How we spent our rainy day in Paris...
This amazing little bar was like a mix of marilyn in laopard on speed. The bar, and its owner, were fabulous. What better way to appreciate it than with a K-based photo shoot! This was the matradee...
Bar posing with Jan
Bar posing with Winks ...with Jan again...
...with Barks... Ok, enough already!!!

Well in a fast becoming tradition, I got sick the night before the day we were due to travel, so instead of kissing a fine Parisian gentleman on the River Seine, I instead found myself bent over its wall contemplating sending my 'delivery' over the ledge and wondering if it would make it... I'm sure I'm not the first to stand in that spot and contemplate that same dilemma. Needless to say, I made it home, spent the night riding the porcelain train and wishing I didn't have to leave the city that makes me feel like a lady and allows me to talk like I'm pretending to be Audrey Tattou. But as they say, the show must go on, Edinburg; you'd better be worth it!

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