the delightful Miss K

the delightful Miss K

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

K in the UK

Well it's good-bye sunshine, farewell every other language than English, so long food that is fresh, we've hit the UK and it's Fringe time, hooray!!! Now... it's just a matter of choosing a show.... hmmmmm
Perhaps this puts things into better perspective...
Cider is the drink of choice in this country and I can tell you, it does NOT come in small volumes!!!

We were lucky enough to score a fabulous if not slightly creepy for the ghosts allowed to roam free apartment right in the heart of East Melbourne, ops, no it wasn't, it just looked a lot like it... who knows what the suburb name was.. who cares, it was walking or at times stumbling distance from the festival hub and it was really, really big!!! It even had a key to a 'private' garden shared by all the other Scottish yuppies in the block. This is our street.. The front door.. our homely kitchen where we actually prepared some real food!!!
This was our favourite street. I suddenly realised that all my tight-arse budgeting for the trip had left me with pounds in my pocket. It was time to spend, spend, spend!!!
A typical Edinburgh street
Some dicks we found in a pub. Their mother's must be so proud!!!
Edinburgh Castle..The building, not the pub in Fitzroy. I was afraid it was going to fall off that steep cliff, it's quite amazing that its managed not to so far!
A travel souvenir I picked up
The break-up. See ya sister, thanks for the laughs!!
A shop display at Heathrow that I simply had to 'capture'Something like 3 days of flying and no sleep to be had. Ahhhh I look good!!!!

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  1. The end, but not the end of K's adventures in Europa methinks !