the delightful Miss K

the delightful Miss K

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Kraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy Krakow

2 hours sleep, one really hot day, two ladies, two heavy back packs, 1 long walk with heads down and determination on our minds, 1 bus back to Prague, 1 train to somewhere.... 1 very slow train to Krakow, 1 tram and 1 more walk and we made it..... just in time to shower, get the drill around our couch-surfing host's apartment and then back onto the town; rest is for the wicked, or so it seems in Krakow.
Stefan, our Polish host can only be described as.... unique. With loud techno blaring through the corridors of his building, stuff everywhere, 2 computers with at least 5 conversations running at the same time to prospective couch surfers, a mad little puppy called Tequila, a cage full of rats and a membership on his profile page to an S&M site just to keep boring surfers away!
Part-Sri Lankan part-German, living in Krakow and hosting up to 5 'surfers' a night at all times, he lives his life on the wild side and promptly dragged us deep down into it as soon as we arrived. The night I spent on the town with him I achieved the most inebriated state on the entire trip, even resulting in a drunken injury and a large chunk of it completely forgotten. What I do remember of Krakow that night though, I don't think I'll ever forget. Groovy bars deep in the ground, clubs with 5 separate rooms pumping various versions of Euro-trash, organic lemon vodka shots (yuuuuuuuuuuuuuummy) and cobblestones that became more and more difficult to scale as the night became day. Winks and I sat down on one of our last days of our trip to a plate of bangers and mash in Edinburgh and conducted a survey of the most hedonistic cities we'd ventured to. Sleep, Diet, Exercise and Alcohol consumption were the criteria, and I'm proud to say, the undeniable winner was Krakow with its edgy clubs, groovy people and fabulous but stodgy food. As for exercise... whats exercise??!!
Anyway, despite the rich experience, a distinctive lack of photos resulted, perhaps I was too distracted to remember to snap, and so I leave you with only a few glimpses of the amazing place that Krakow is...

Old Town is a bustling tourist hub, swarming in foreigners, hawkers, pick pockets and golf carts; the only vehicle allowed. Here they are all lined up in a pretty row. I stopped counting the amount of times a tour was pushed my way as I walked past these mini cars, but it was worth it for the photo:
I couldn't resist stalking these two until I got a shot clear enough to share the hilarity with you all: Note the writing on the back of their hoodies...
(Hers says: That's my boyfriend, his says: That's my girlfriend!!!)

And that's it for the sight and sounds... bit lame I'm sorry. This is our final night in town, back at one of our favourite bars called Moments. The K comes out!!

How's the decor??!!

Stefan and I rabbiting on as we were prone to do...

Me looking edgy and Polish I hope..

Stefan himself as we left his world and embarked on our next... The Eastern Block.

...and that's it for the EU for a while. So its goodbye to anybody speaking English, goodbye to the Latin Alphabet and goodbye to the world that we had ever comprehended and Dobre Dan.... Ukraine!

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  1. ahhhhh....Krakow! My nostalgia is is my desire to visit distance and crazy lands..

    Your blog is successfully making up for the distinct lack of TV & radio in my life..ABC country radio isnt quite cutting it..luckily I have your wanderings to turn to Miss K!!

    I'm hanging out for the next installment!!!!!!

    Bring on the Ukraine!!