the delightful Miss K

the delightful Miss K

Monday, August 23, 2010

Berlin: The 24hour party place of the people.

Beer, beach bars and bery hot Berlin, this place is so much cooler than I'd ever imagined. And so with 5 girls in a 1-bedroom apartment, art galleries, WWII left-overs and bars to explore; we embarked on one of our more hedonistic weeks of our European Adventure!

Eastern Gallery:
Artists were invited from all over the world to decorate this remaining section of the Berlin Wall

Creative Vandalism

This was an artist squat financed by a very forward thinking philanthropist. It's actually in danger of closing down and being turned into jewellery market. What a shame... but glad we saw it before this happened.

Same squat, different view...

And this was one of the bars they had out the back. We loved our barman's get up so I took a secret spy photo, why not!

Monument to fallen Jews. A really innovative idea that basically consisted of a field of slabs of varying sizes that one could walk through. It had an eerie feeling and I don't even know why.

For my Aussie mate Sue's 40th birthday present to herself, she shouted herself a flight and an apartment for a month in Berlin. We took advantage of the fact that we were due there at the same time, so promptly informed her we were staying. She succumbed, bless her!

Me and my K being cool in Berlin

And then the K-shoot could not be stopped!

Can anyone remind me what the significance of this gate was? I can't remember...

I've also forgotten the name of this section of the Berlin Wall, but as it turns out, the land that I'm standing on to take this shot was the completely demolished site of the SS head quarters. Another eerie feeling.

After finding ourselves locked out of the apartment for the night, we spent our time wisely, in blues, gay and under-ground techno bars hanging out with two Swedes, doing as the Berliners do!

Next stop... Praha!

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